Basic Guide about Defense in Clash of Clans

Dividers are great, however are by all account not the only part in a super amazing base. The botch I see new players (or not all that new players) doing is setting their barriers so they can be focused by bowmen bringing forth outside of the dividers. Don’t commit this error. You can see more about this error at Clash of Clans Guides.

The distinction in the middle of “Conventional” and “Incredible” needs to do with the way units choose which building to assault next. It is so entangled there is no option get into here (this “rudiments” segment) yet I think I’ll cover it later in more detail. The structures securing your protections do make a difference – Mines/gatherers will have more HP than Barracks/Builder’s Huts.


When you move any building or divider (however not enrichments), it reveals to you white lines one space bigger in every course from that building. This is revealing to you where adversaries can bring forth. Verify you don’t have any gaps in your base to give them a chance to produce inside your dividers. That would be awful. I will expound on how to leave purposeful produce spots in your base later, in the progressed base barrier section.

Mortars (and later Wizard Towers) are your first and last line of protection against mass infantry assaults. A mortar’s harm is just restricted by what number of troops your adversary puts down and how well you pipe them into where you need them. A completely overhauled mortar (level 8, aggregate cost 12,560,000 gold) will do 65 harm in one shot to the units inside the sprinkle zone. In the same measure of time (5 seconds) an Archer Tower (level 1, aggregate cost 1,000 gold) will do 55 harm to the unit it is focusing on. What does this mean? It implies you have to verify your sprinkle harm resistances are hitting foes in gatherings and are secured. How would you get them to hit adversaries in gatherings? Placed them amidst your base – As soon as the foe obliterates a divider and pipes through it, they will be pleasant and packed up for the mortars.

Some place extremely secured. Likely amidst your base, in a perfect world with its own divider around it for the mortar is not able to assault at short proximity.

Amidst your base. Mass air assaults are uncommon (because of time to prepare), however not incredible. A solitary, overhauled Air Defense is a magnificent impediment, yet it ought to be set amidst your base. All the more particularly, it ought to be put such that, if a mass blow up assault comes, It won’t be the in the first place, second, or third protection they kill.